Lady Boy Meeting Places in Pattaya
Beach Road
Walking the Beach Promenade anytime after 22:00 will guarantee you the chance to meet young Lady Boys. Please remember it is pretty dark down there, but we can tell you that these katoeys will not put a dent in your wallet. It has also been known to be dangerous down here and the police make frequent sweeps now.
Soi 2
Soi 2, across from BigC Festival Center, has a large girlie bar area, but some places provide cute Lady Boys as a supplement.
Soi 6
Soi 6 is Pattaya's short time street and has a few Lady Boy bars too.

Walking Street
Walking Street is a popular place among Lady Boys. The street has a few Lady Boy bars but also a lot of Katoeys working as freelancers. Usually they arrive after 22:00. At about 02:00 the street is full of Lady Boys.
Soi Yamato
La Bamba Bar on Soi Yamato is a popular meeting point for Katoeys.
Sunee Plaza
Located on the back of the VC Hotel on VC Road (also known as Soi 17) is a famous asian gay area and most of the bars are for gay boys, but some places have some cute and young Lady Boys working in them. These fresh-in-from-the-country katoeys are just being broken in at Pattaya and starting work here. Check ID cards on these Lady Boys to avoid problems.

Soi 7
Soi 7 is a popular girlie bar street, but many bars are luring Lady Boys too.
Soi 8
Soi 8, girlie bar street, but at some bars you can meet Lady Boys.
Pattayaland & Boyz Town
Boyz Town and a large part of Soi Pattayaland are dedicated to gays. You rarely will find any Lady Boys there. Exception: The Penthouse Hotel and its Bars.
Pattaya Street Map

Please click here for the Pattaya Street Map.