Lady Boy Meeting Places in Pattaya
Beach Road
Walking the Beach Promenade anytime after 22:00 will guarantee you the chance to meet young Lady Boys. Please remember it is pretty dark down there, but we can tell you that these katoeys will not put a dent in your wallet. It has also been known to be dangerous down here and the police make frequent sweeps now.
Star Dust
Star Dust is a bar complex at the northern end of Second Road. The bars surround a stage with a popular Lady Boy show. Some venues have beautiful Katoeys too.
Soi 2
Soi 2, across from BigC Festival Center, has a large girlie bar area, but some places provide cute Lady Boys as a supplement. Try the Cosy Bar on Second Road, between Soi 2 and Soi 3.
Soi 6
Soi 6 is Pattaya's short time street and has a few Lady Boy bars too.

Walking Street
Walking Street is a popular place among Lady Boys. The street has a few Lady Boy bars but also a lot of Katoeys working as freelancers. Usually they arrive after 22:00. At about 02:00 the street is full of Lady Boys.
Soi Yamato
La Bamba Bar on Soi Yamato is a popular meeting point for Katoeys.
Sunee Plaza
Located on the back of the VC Hotel on VC Road (also known as Soi 17) is a famous asian gay area and most of the bars are for gay boys, but some places have some cute and young Lady Boys working in them. These fresh-in-from-the-country katoeys are just being broken in at Pattaya and starting work here. Check ID cards on these Lady Boys to avoid problems.

Central Road
Central Road, from Tops supemarket down to the beach has some girlie bars, but DiDi's Bar near the beach is employing some Katoeys.
Soi 7
Soi 7 is a popular girlie bar street, but many bars are luring Lady Boys too.
Soi 8
Soi 8, girlie bar street, but at some bars you can meet Lady Boys.
Pattayaland & Boyz Town
Boyz Town and a large part of Soi Pattayaland are dedicated to gays. You rarely will find any Lady Boys there. Exception: The Penthouse Hotel and its Bars.
Pattaya Street Map

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